United Smart Tech has 100+ field technicians covering 6 states. We are a network of professional, certified technicians whose goal is to simplify your life by bringing expert technical services to your doorstep.

Throughout United Smart Tech, our employees are inspired to exceed expectations, maintain the highest standards, and challenge what was previously considered to be impossible. We recruit, train, and encourage a technical workforce that is dedicated to expanding their knowledge and taking our client’s technology resources to the next level.

Together, We Drive Growth


We work with you to establish high expectations from the get-go and create a customized plan to fit your company. This includes geographic needs, financial means, skill sets required, and scalability.


We offer you a tried and proved network of experienced technicians with approved background checks and technical backgrounds.


We provide hands-on training with our Veteran Technicians to assess which candidates fit the United Smart Tech standards.


Project Managers ensure that administrative tasks are performed to your standards. Then we prepare a pilot launch in which we create a designated testing region to provide us with feedback before a full launch. Once testing is complete and approval has been given, we can go live with your company’s vision


United Smart Tech conducts weekly check-ins to allow your team to provide feedback and keep up-to-date on how your project is being implemented out in the field. Metrics and scorecards are recorded to provide you with weekly progress.

Interested In Learning More?

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