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Have you ever broken your phone? You are not alone. Just like any other device, smartphones are subject to damage from normal wear and tear. This may come in the form of phone drops, phone cracks, phone scratches, or phone malfunctions. There are some signs that you need a smart phone repair. If you detect anything unusual with your mobile device, or it’s no longer working properly, it may be time to schedule an appointment with a phone repair expert.

Oftentimes people neglect these issues until it’s too late because they seem minor and can be easily fixed. However, phone malfunctions left untreated could result in serious damages to your mobile device and phone service. Not only that but phone malfunctions can also cause damage to you or others around you if not addressed.

Some phone malfunctions, such as the phone dropping calls or locking up while driving, could get you pulled over by law enforcement and lead to a reckless driving charge. Having so many people using smartphones has led to an increase in demand for smart phone repair services throughout the country.

There are many phone shops all across the United States that specialize in repairing smartphones of any kind including Android phones, iPhone phones, Blackberry phones and Windows Phones among others. The prices vary depending on the extent of the damage done to your phone but it will usually be a fraction of the cost of buying a new phone.

Some phone repair shops are offering quick and easy smartphone repair services that can bring you back in time to get your smart phone up and about. If you want to get your phone fixed quickly, look for phone repair shops with express or same day service options. It also helps to find phone shops with live customer support so you know if they are ready for you when you arrive. But how do you know if you need one? Here are some tell-tale signs you definitely need a phone repair the soonest.

phone repair

7 Signs That Tell It’s Time for a Phone Repair

You may think your phone is working just fine. But it’s likely you’re experiencing the symptoms of a badly worn out or malfunctioning device. But how do you know your phone is broken? There are some common signs that tell it’s time to have a smartphone.

Water Damage

Is your phone damaged or swollen due to water damage? If so, it’s likely the phone went through liquid and was not properly dried. A phone could be saved if it had been taken care of immediately after the liquid exposure. But once the liquid has dried inside the phone, there is no repair of the device without replacing most of its major components.

Broken Hardware

How do your phone buttons feel when you press them? Do they stick out too much or too little? Are any of them cracked, chipped or dented? All these imperfections will only get worse as time passes and should have a repair soon before they pose an even bigger problem with regular use.

Cracked Screen

A phone screen is very fragile and should be handled carefully. When phone screens get cracked, it’s often hard to see the picture on the phone clearly and you will need a phone repair or phone replacement at worst. Cracked phone screens can also compromise the touch-screen capabilities of your phone.

Broken Phone Speaker

How do sounds come out of your phone? Is it distorted, has static or is very quiet even at maximum volume? If this is happening inside your phone then there must be something wrong with your phone speaker and it should be fixed as soon as possible.

Lack of Memory

When your phone starts lagging or crashing frequently, it could mean that your phone doesn’t have enough memory to function normally anymore and needs a new internal memory module. This will require an expert phone repair as it is a difficult phone problem to fix without replacing the phone’s motherboard.

Short Battery Life

Do you phone’s battery drain very quickly? In most cases, a phone will only last about 3-5 years longer if it has a bad or faulty battery. When batteries stop working properly it is time to get a new phone as the phone battery should be expected to work for at least this long before needing replacement.

Broken Camera

Does your phone camera take fuzzy pictures? Does it lack focus or is always blurry? Is the phone not focusing on objects like it should? These are all signs of phone problems that need phone repair. A phone camera should be able to take clear pictures whenever the phone is held still and not moving.

If your phone is suffering from any of these problems it’s time to get phone repair as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems with your phone. Avoid using your phone until you can get phone repair so the problems don’t get worse than they already are. If you do not know where to go for phone repair, ask friends or family members for recommendations.

But here’s the good news! At United Smart Tech, we are offering phone repair services, from fixing broken buttons to swapping out destroyed charging ports, we have the right phone expert to get your smart phone back and operational in no time. Call us today!