4 Smart Home Ideas to Consider This Spring

Have a lush lawn

You can have a lush and beautiful lawn automatically with the Rachio smart sprinkler controller. Connected via Wi-Fi, you can control your smart sprinkler with a variety of apps like Amazon’s Alexa, IFTTT, and more. And you can activate your smart sprinklers based on what the meteorologists are calling for that day — to help you save on water bills and use current weather conditions.

Grow beautiful flower beds

Use smart technology to determine when your flower beds need water, fertilizer, and more with the Parrot Flower Power Plant Sensor. You can track how heat and light affect your flower beds so you know to counteract the current conditions.

Compatible with both iOS and Android, an app on your smartphone lets you track and measure how healthy your plants are. Then you can take measures to make sure they’re beautiful and blooming all summer long.

Keep the candle in the window lit

Well, maybe just leave the porch light on. Honeywell Econoswitch lets you automate your front porch lights. They automatically sense sunrise and sunset to make sure your lights are on or off. Rather than leave your porch light on 24/7 (which advertises you’re not home), use this ingenious smart light that adjusts with the changing seasons based on your location.

Hide the mess

If you’re like most, your garage becomes the repository for everything you don’t need right away. Nothing is more unattractive than showing your piles to the neighbors and guests. The Chamberlain MyQ will alert you every time your garage door opens and even if you forget to close it for a specified amount of time. You can monitor, open, and close your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone.

Final thoughts

Anything that can boost your home’s curb appeal, and its value, is worth the investment. But if you’re on the leading edge of smart home technology, the above ideas just make sense. Not only will you make your home more appealing, but you’ll have fewer headaches managing your home, lawn, and flowerbeds as well.

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