5 Storage Hacks for Your Smartphone

Text messages

As interesting as it is to look back on text messages from your book club a year go, they’re taking up space on your smartphone. Free up that space to use for something else. Some phones have an option that lets you delete messages after a set time period. Otherwise, make it a point to scroll through your text messages on a monthly basis and weed out those you need not keep.

Cloud storage

One of the easiest ways to save everything is to use cloud storage. You can use services like iCloud, Google Photos, Dropbox, Microsoft’s One Drive, and more to store your pictures and videos. This will free up a lot of space on your smartphone while still allowing you to access your pictures from any device.

Social media

Use various social media accounts to store your photos. You’ll still have access to your pics while giving you more room on your smartphone for more apps. Social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest let you upload your favorite pictures. You can even tag your friends, share photos back and forth, and decide what pictures you want the public to see.


Most of us love apps because they:

Older phones

It’s tempting to upgrade to a new phone with more storage, but think about it for a moment. Consider getting an older version that offers most of the options you want but comes with a lot more internal storage.

Final thoughts

Don’t delete your favorite videos and apps. Use these storage hacks to manage your smartphone’s internal storage like a pro. A little planning, some forethought, and a monthly habit of purging will make sure you have plenty of storage space for the cat videos you love.

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