7 Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Could Do

1. Search your photos by category

You can search both your iPhone and Android by entering a category at the top of your Photo app. In the search bar, type in “hedgehog” and pictures of you and your little pet will come up. This comes in particularly handy when you want to find a certain photo and don’t want to scroll through all your selfies.

2. Turn on your lights

If you like to come home to a well-lighted home on winter evenings, your smartphone can turn on a smart bulb in your house. So, rather than leave a light on all day, you can use the Alexa App on your phone to turn on the lights before you get home.

3. Charge faster

Does it feel like your phone takes forever to get a full charge? You might not know this but to charge your phone faster, there’s a simple fix. Just enable Airplane Mode on your Android or iPhone, and you’ll be delighted at how much faster your battery will charge.

4. Shake to undo mistakes

If you’re a diehard techie, you may already know this. For the rest of us, you can simply shake your iPhone when you mistyped a message and an option to undo will pop up. And for those with Androids, you can download a Shake to Undo module to do the same.

5. Scan QR codes without an app

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you no longer need an app to scan QR codes. On the iPhone, you open your camera app and focus on the QR code. Then tap the notification that pops up to go to the web page. On your Android, open the Google app and enable “Screen Search.” Then it’s the same process of opening your camera and focusing on the code.

6. Create customized vibrations

If you don’t like scrambling for your phone at the movie theater every time it vibrates, you can create customized vibrations. Instead of the standard vibration for every call coming in, choose different vibrations in your phone’s settings and assign them to contacts. Then you’ll never miss another call from mom.

7. Replace your universal remote

Universal remotes to run all your electronics can get quite pricey. Instead, search your app store for “universal remote” and find plenty of options. Some apps require you to attach an infrared dongle to your phone, which is still less expensive than buying a universal remote.

Final thoughts

Your smartphone can do even more amazing things. Thanks to millions of apps in the store, you can even use your smartphone as a webcam for your computer. Or how about starting your car with your phone (which is a little more involved than downloading an app). When you pair your multi-tasking smartphone with some interesting accessories, you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

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