Are You Mounting Your New TV Correctly?

It’s all about location, location, location

It would be lovely if you could point to a spot on the wall, wave your magic wand, and everything would be perfect. Instead, you need studs on which to install your TV mounting bracket and a spot for your many components. Components are peripherals that add to your TV viewing pleasure like DVRs, cable boxes, game consoles, and more. Since each peripheral needs connected to your new TV, you need a spot close by to house them.

How will you conceal all those cords?

All of your components have cords to connect them to your TV and to a power source. Don’t ruin your TV viewing pleasure by a mess of cords snaking across your wall.

The easiest way is to have a professional install your cords inside the wall so they’re hidden from view. Another option is to buy cord channels you can paint to match your wall colors. These channels hide cords from view with the bonus of not needing to drill into your walls.

Get the right angle

Consider a wall mount you can angle to get the right picture. For example, does the afternoon sun shine directly on your new TV? An angle television mount lets you rotate your TV to different angles to avoid the sun, get the best viewing option, and more.

Final thoughts

If you invested in the latest, greatest TV technology available, you want to protect your purchase by mounting it properly. Keep in mind if you don’t have the right tools for the job or know how to mount it and make sure it’s level, seek outside help from a trusted professional like United Smart Tech.

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