CES Roundup: The Best Concepts and Innovations of 2020

The annual CES showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada marks an unofficial holiday on the calendar of every technology enthusiast. From stunning concept cars to innovative gadgets, CES typically lives up to its self-appointed tagline of “the Global Stage for Innovation.” It’s safe to say CES is something we look forward to attending every year. 

First held back in 1967, over the years CES has transformed from a small convention focused on consumer electronics to the premier platform for showcasing innovative new technology to a captivated audience. With CES 2020 just wrapping up, now is a great time to highlight some of the best concepts and innovations that this year had to offer.

The First Invention of Flying Cars?

The concept of the flying car has resonated with audiences since the birth of science fiction. However, attempts at creating such a vehicle have failed countless times over the past century.

This history hasn’t deterred ridesharing giant Uber from attempting to finally make this dream a reality. Hyundai and Uber revealed an air taxi concept vehicle during CES 2020, which caught the eye of many observers.

Could 2020 usher in the era of the flying car? We’re doubtful, but it’s still pretty fun to dream about it.

Toyota Unveils Its Smart City

Smart cities were a big component of CES 2020, with Toyota making some pretty big claims. Toyota’s CEO Akio Toyoda announced the famous carmaker was embarking on the creation of a full-fledged smart city. Dubbed the Woven City, it’s intended to serve as a proving ground as the Japanese carmaker seeks to expand their work on artificial intelligence, robotics, and self-driving vehicles. 

Best of all, around 2,000 individuals will get to live in this techno-utopia, with the first residents being select Toyota employees and their families. (We’re hopeful they’ll allow tourists to visit, too!)

Best Gadget: Handheld Gaming PCs

CES is notorious for being big on innovative concepts and small on actual ready-to-purchase devices. This split was evident in the gaming offerings showcased at CES 2020. Sony and Microsoft spoke at length about their next-generation video game consoles, which should be arriving later this year. Talk of new PlayStation and Xbox devices is exciting, but the leading story this year was the introduction of handheld gaming PCs.

You read that right. Alienware has managed to pack a full-fledged gaming PC into the form factor of the Nintendo Switch. Boasting impressive specs, including an eight-inch 1200p display, long-lasting battery life, and a top-notch graphics card, the Alienware Concept UFO stole the show this year. Unfortunately, it’s not available for purchase, and it may never be released to the public (this is CES after all!). Despite this drawback, it’s still encouraging to see companies working to develop cutting-edge consumer electronic devices.

CES 2020 provided a great event chocked full of awe-inspiring concepts and innovations. The only downside of this year’s showcase is that it had to end so soon. Needless to say, we’re already counting down the days to CES 2021!

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