iPhone XS Camera Features You Should Know

Take pictures like a pro

Master your iPhone XS’s camera settings to take professional quality photos with amazing depth. First, go to the Settings app on your phone and scroll down to the Camera option. After you click on Camera, you’ll see a list of settings.

Play with the different photo modes

Once you have the settings the way you want them, try out each of the photos modes by swiping left or right across the options. The mode you’ll use the most is Photo, but other modes offer interesting twists.


Record videos in stereo

The iPhone XS isn’t all about amazing pictures. It also records videos in stereo thanks to four microphones that record together. You can play your videos back in stereo as well on the phone’s own stereo speakers.

Final thoughts

The iPhone XS camera is one of a kind. The more you experiment with settings, the better your pictures will be. So go ahead and kick the tires a bit, take it through its paces, whatever cliché you’re most comfortable with. But play around with the many camera features because your best photo is just a click away.

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