Top 6 Smart Home Devices You Should Consider

Maybe you received a new smart home device this past holiday season from friends or family. If this is your first time with the Internet of Things (IoT) and the many connected devices that make your home smart, how do you know what else you need?

Here are the best smart home devices for 2019 you should consider adding to your home over the next several months.

Smart assistant

Regardless of the make and model you choose, a smart assistant is one of the best options for controlling your gadgets with merely the sound of your voice. For example, you can program your smart assistant to control a lot of your home’s smart devices by verbal commands. You can set your favorite playlist to start and certain lights in your home to come on before you even walk through the door after work.

Smart plugs

let you control your electrical appliances and gadgets from your smartphone. You can find smart plugs that work with most third-party manufacturers like Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung, and more.

Smart lock

Worried that you forgot to lock the door as you rushed out to work this morning? Never fear with a smart lock that lets you secure your home or apartment from your smartphone. You can also let service providers into your home while you’re at work and make sure the kids can get inside after they get home from school.

Smart thermostat

You don’t need your home to stay at a comfy temperature while no one’s there. A smart thermostat lets you control your home’s temperature.

For example, keep your home cool during winter days while you’re out. You can have your smart thermostat raise the temperate by the time you get home. Not only will you save on utility bills, but you’re decreasing your carbon footprint on this earth.

Smart lighting

It’s nice to come home to a lighted house at the end of a long day, but who wants to leave lights on all day long? Another option is to use smart lighting to turn on and off lights automatically. Again, you’ll save on utility bills while still coming home to a well-lit home on the darkest of winter days.

Smart vacuum

Why pay a cleaning service big bucks to keep your home or apartment clean when a smart vacuum can keep your floors tidy while you’re at work? You can find a relatively affordable smart vacuum that is compatible with your smart homes devices and cleans exceedingly well.

Final thoughts

Give yourself the gift of home automation. You can start small with a connected light bulb and build from there. Control everything from when your coffee pot has your first morning’s cup ready to a connected security camera that lets you see who’s at your front door while you’re at work. Build your smart home with the best devices that make your life easier, safer, and more energy-efficient.

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