How to Protect Your Smartphone in Cold Weather

1. Keep your phone in an inside pocket.

Store your phone in an inside pocket close to your body whether in your coat or your clothes. Your body heat will keep your smartphone at optimal temperatures whenever you go outside.

2. Buy a special case.

Several retailers offer special cases that will keep your smartphone protected from the cold. Google “cold weather phone case” for a list of online stores you can order from. These cases usually run around $30, which is inexpensive compared to the damage your phone can incur in extreme cold.

3. Wait to charge your smartphone.

If you exposed your smartphone to extreme cold temperatures for any amount of time, wait to charge it until it recovers to room temperature. Charging electronic devices in extreme temperatures can cause irreparable damage.

4. Turn the phone off.

To be safe, it’s best to turn your phone off when experiencing extreme cold temperatures. Why take the chance of causing problems and damage? When the outdoor temperature is unsafe for your smartphone and you don’t have a special case for it, leave it turned off and in an inside pocket.

Final thoughts

Cold weather can mess with your phone. If you use the above suggestions to protect it, you can mitigate or eliminate extreme temperature problems and keep your phone safe this winter.

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