United Smart Tech Partners with CTIA to Create WISE ASP Program: New Training Program Sets the Standard for Wireless Device Repair

United Smart Tech is proud to announce its ongoing involvement in an innovative new training program for cell phone repair technicians. Initially announced in mid-2019 by the CTIA, which represents the wireless communications industry in the United States, the Wireless Industry Service Excellence (WISE) Authorized Service Provider (ASP) Certification Program represents the cutting-edge in industry-standard repair technician training.

At its core, the WISE ASP program seeks to create a network of certified retail locations capable of assisting customers with their cell phone repair needs. The program was developed in association with authorized service providers, of which United Smart Tech is a long-time member. In fact, our team at United Smart Tech was lucky enough to play a key role in the development of the WISE ASP certification program. CTIA ASP members have a track record of providing top-notch service to their customers, a reputation that will only improve with the installment of this new training standard.

The development of the WISE ASP program started with a review of current cell phone repair technician training standards by the CTIA Reverse Logistics & Service Quality (RLSQ) Working Groups. Upon review, CTIA RLSQ discovered the need for a new certification program capable of creating a network of qualified retail service locations. As such, the establishment of the WISE ASP certification program represents an industry-wide effort to develop standards for servicing pre-owned wireless devices.

According to CTIA market research, the average consumer is now keeping their wireless device for 33 months or longer. This increases the likelihood that a device will require repair during its lifetime, which presents a great business opportunity for cell phone repair providers. Under the new WISE ASP certification standard, businesses are required to meet defined operational requirements surrounding device diagnosis, triage, and repair processes.

At United Smart Tech, our cell phone repair technicians have satisfied all of the necessary requirements as defined by WISE ASP. Looking forward, WISE ASP compliance will enable our team to continue recruiting and training some of the best technicians in the technology and telecommunications industries. Our unique combination of WISE ASP certification and on-demand service capabilities will help the United Smart Tech team provide next-level service to each and every customer, both now and in the future.

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